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An Introduction to Hypoxic Training

The term altitude refers to anything above sea level and can be categorised into 5 groups:

  • Low <1500m
  • High 1500m<3500m
  • Very High 3500m<5500m
  • Extreme 5500<7500m
  • Ultra 7500m+

Traditionally altitude training was carried out by elite/professional athletes by attending specialist camps abroad which has associated high costs and time requirements making it generally impractical for non-professional athletes. This is where the OTE Performance Centre and Altitude Chamber comes in by making the associated benefits accessible at an affordable price.

Our specialist hypoxic chamber is designed to simulate oxygen concentrations identical to that at higher altitudes up to an impressive height of 5750m (The same height as Everest base camp) resulting in an inadequate supply of oxygen going to the respiring tissues (hypoxia). In “room air” or at sea level the O2 concentration is 20.9% but in our hypoxic chamber we can reduce this amount down to 10.1% resulting in less than half of the available oxygen. This allows our clients to carry out intermittent hypoxic training (IHT) run by our expert team at a much lower oxygen level before returning to normoxic (normal O2 concentration) environment providing much larger adaptations compared to training at sea level.

The benefits associated with this IHT are constantly being researched with very positive findings with physiological and psychological benefits. Both our previous clients and research show significant improvements occur over sea level training such as:


  • Slower Fatigue – Increased resistance to intensive riding helping you train and race


  • Improved recovery – Both recovery rates after efforts within a session and between sessions in improved


  • Increased ability to work hard – Increased high end repeatability <38% in club level athletes


  • Increased time effectivity, As your body has to work harder in a hypoxic environment for the same effort/speed or power a 30min IHT session can stress your cardiovascular system to the same degree as a 60min session in normoxia.


  • Better for weight loss, As your muscles have to work harder there is an increase in EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), resulting in a higher Kcal burn post session. When coupled with lifestyle changes or even a nutritional consultation with one of our team IHT can be an unbeatable method for weight loss

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