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Ask Nigel Mitchell: Which is the best, smoothies or juices?

Here is the second in a series of your questions we put to Nigel Mitchell, Performance Nutritionist for Cannondale Pro Cycling.

Which do you think is better: Smoothie or Juice?


“Well they aredifferent but actually quite similar in that a smoothie will tend to have a dairy component so containing yougurt or milk, along side fruit. So benefits of this is that you will get protein with dairy to aid protein synthesis. Whereas with a  juice, these to be more vegetable based. In the juicing process you are removing the insoluble fibre so this will only give you the water soluble components of the vegetables, whereas the smoothie is more complete in terms of its nutritional content.  

We use both with Cannondale Pro Cycling Team.  At breakfast there will always be a smoothie and we have vegetable juices accompanying the other meals. With the pros, the juice really is a way of concentrating that vitamin and mineral intake without taking on a huge volumes of food. Another product we use a lot of is the OTE Super greens, which we will have made up and put on the table similar to the juice.”

Stuck for smoothie ideas? Here is one of our OTE favourites:

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