Nutrition is Key

Building a Healthy Body


Understanding Fats and carbohydrates and their role in a healthy diet

In recent times it would give the impression that fats and carbohydrates have both gotten a bad rap.  First it was fat that was the culprit in all dietary ills, and low fat diets were all the rage.  Then the two switched places, with carbohydrates being the bad guys and fat reigning supreme. Both fats […]

Why Your Diet Might Be Working Against You

Jennifer is a middle-aged single mother with a young daughter. She has been avoiding sugary foods for a few weeks. And she has also been faithfully watching her portions. She has been exercising for an hour 4 times a week as well. However, she has not lost any weight, and doesn’t know why. This is […]

Vitamins How to Get the Most From Your Diet

It’s not easy to eat right, but when you are going out of your way to eat healthy you should be sure that you’re getting the most from your foods. One important issue regarding vitamins is that some foods lose their vitamin content when they’re not handled properly. Raw is better. It’s a simple fact […]

Vitamins Is There Such Thing as Too Much?

You probably hear lots of information about the need to get sufficient amounts of vitamins in your daily diet, and to take a vitamin supplement if you aren’t getting those necessary vitamins. If vitamins are good for you, it stands to reason that more is better, right? Actually, overdoing it with vitamins can cause some […]