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Food Friday with George Clark

Name: George Clark

Team: Catford Equipe Banks

What is your go to breakfast before training?

Very Simple, Porridge with milk and either a selection of fruit on top or some Yogurt. To wash it down I love a good cup of Tea or if its going to be a long session a strong coffee!

If you were cooking to impress, what would your signature dish be?

My signature dish would have to be a large steak served with peppercorn sauce, potatoes and a nice selection of veg or salad- simple but tasty!

If you had to pick your perfect three course meal what would it be?

Starter: Roasted Camembert cheese with a nice wholemeal bread to scoop it out!

Main: A large rib eye steak with sweet potatoes fries and a nice fresh salad

Dessert: A fresh fruit salad with a scoop of lemon sorbet to refresh the pallet

What is your favourite OTE product & why?

My favourite product would have to be the Chocolate chip crispy rice Duo bars, they fill me up, taste great and give me a good amount of energy so I’m not reaching for more food or bonking in a hard training session.

You’ve had a tough days training & you deserve a treat, what do you go for?

Normally I would treat myself in the evening so something with peanut butter ice cream would be ace!

What is your top tip when it comes to nutrition & sport?

My top tip would be don’t get to wrapped up in all the online blogs about nutrition and diets. Keep it simple and choose healthy items and reach for the foods that haven’t been processed! I would normally have one treat meal a week (pizza, fish &chips, burger) to look forward to after a hard week of training and racing and enjoy it with the family. At the end of the day you need to enjoy your food otherwise you wont feel good about yourself or train as hard during your sessions.

Thanks for your time George and good luck to you and the team for the rest of the season.

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