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Food Friday with Jeremy Durrin

Name: Jeremy Durrin

Team: Neon Velo Cycling Team

What is your go to breakfast before training?

I have been really into green lentils with sauted onions, sweet potatoes, peppers and spinach topped with 3 eggs. I add hot sauce to flavor it up a bit. I find this breakfast really fuels me throughout the day and allows me to dig deep in training and provide me with plenty of protein for recovery.

If you were cooking to impress, what would your signature dish be?

I really enjoy a very well cooked homemade burger and sweet potato fries. Its just good food, and who doesn’t love a burger?

If you had to pick your perfect three course meal what would it be?

Starter: French Fries with aoli sauce

Main: 8oz rare steak with some asparagus and a baked potato

Dessert: Chocolate brownie with ice cream

What is your favourite OTE product & why?

My favorite product is the OTE Protein Bar. My favorite flavor is the dark chocolate and min; it just hits the spot after a hard race / ride. I often ride with one in my pocket during long hard races as well.

You’ve had a tough days training & you deserve a treat, what do you go for?

I don’t often have pizza, so that would be my ‘treat’ after a hard days training…. That, or fish & chips.

What is your top tip when it comes to nutrition & sport?

Eat real food. When it comes down to it, your body runs better when eating real food. Not processed and bagged goods, just real food. Veggies, proteins like chicken and steak, beans / rice. Your body operates better on things that are not produced in a factory.

Thanks very much to Jeremy for your time. You can follow the team on twitter @neon_velo as they continue to take on the national British race scene.

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