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Food Friday with Joe Williams

Name: Joe Williams

Team: Prologue Performance RT

What is your go to breakfast before training?

Muesli with sliced banana on top

If you were cooking to impress, what would your signature dish be?

Tagliatelle with asparagus and mushrooms

If you had to pick your perfect three course meal what would it be?

  • Starter: Sweet Tomato Soup
  • Main: Smoked Salmon
  • Dessert: Italian Biscotti

What is your favourite OTE product & why?

Blackcurrant Energy Gel because they taste nice, similar to Ribena.  They are easy to consume and also they dont make my wheeze like some companies. They provide energy for fast starts like in cyclocross and finishes to long road races.

You’ve had a tough days training & you deserve a treat, what do you go for?


What is your top tip when it comes to nutrition & sport?

Eat enough in races, i usually have a gel every 20 miles depending on the speed of the race.

Big thanks to Joe and good luck for the rest of the season. A very young rider, improving fast and certainly has a big future a head of him.


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