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Food Friday with Laura Massey

Name: Laura Massey

Team: Drops Cycling Team

What is your go to breakfast before training?

I’m totally a creature of habit and I have this every day. A big bowl of porridge with cinnamon, blueberries, nuts, seeds and a generous dollop of crunchy peanut butter. Cup of tea (assam) and my OTE Health and Immune Vitamins!

If you were cooking to impress, what would your signature dish be?

I’m not renowned for my cooking skills…..but I can make a stellar Bakewell Tart using my Great-Grandmother’s secret family recipe. Served warm with clotted cream, mmm, I’m getting hungry! If I had to impress by cooking a proper meal it would probably be fish pie with egg, leeks and mashed potato.

If you had to pick your perfect three course meal what would it be?

Something very light…NOT, haha

Starter: Something like a goats cheese and caramelized onion puff pastry tart

Main: Roast beef (cooked rare) with all the trimmings and lots of gravy

Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding and clotted cream


What is your favourite OTE product & why?

Oooh tough question – the Anyimte Bar flapjacks are very tasty but for racing I really rate the Duo Bars as they’re so easy to eat whilst riding – you can take one of the bars out of the wrapper in your back pocket, squidge it up in your hand into a ball, shove it into your mouth (without dropping any) and still breathe!

You’ve had a tough days training & you deserve a treat, what do you go for?

Have to admit that I am a big chocoholic so anything chocolately and nutty is hard to resist. The peanut butter chocolate Magnums are my biggest temptation at the moment…

What is your top tip when it comes to nutrition & sport?

My top tip would be to really make an effort to eat nutrient rich foods and don’t let junk food snacks be a substitute for quality snacks as then you are not getting the nutrients which will help you avoid fatigue and optimize performance; you’re only getting empty calories. E.g. if I’m hungry in the afternoon I make a smoothie with fruits, nut butter, protein powder, spinach, broccoli etc rather than just being lazy and reaching for that pack of chocolate biscuits….

You can follow Laura and the rest of the OTE Fuelled Drops Cycling Team at this years Aviva Womens Tour, find them on twitter at @dropscycling. And after that, we think Laura will deserve that three course meal!

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