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Our OTE Fuelled Athlete Suzie Richards has been out in Spain on her pre-season training camp. Here she gives us an insight into how she fuels when getting in 3 training sessions a day!

7am: the alarm goes off, I roll out of bed, pull my swim costume on, grab my wetsuit, swim caps, googles, Vaseline and OTE water bottle (filled with water) and meet fellow Leeds Bradford Triathlon club mate, Stuart, in the Hotel lobby at 7.15. A short walk to the beach, pull on the wetsuits and dive straight into the Mediterranean Sea. Two swim caps definitely needed, as its pretty nippy. We enjoy a 30minute sea swim, the maximum my feet and hands will tolerate before possibly turning to ice.

Quick change on the beach and its back to the Hotel for breakfast.
We are staying at the Albir Playa Hotel, in Albir, 6km north of Benidorm on the Spanish coast. I am spending the week here with my Leeds cycle club, Alba Rosa, A week with 24 guys who have smoother legs than me!

8:30am Breakfast: An all you can eat buffet. Generally looks like this for me: Omelette’s, scrambled eggs, slice of cooked ham, toast with baked beans, grilled courgette, fresh orange juice and a coffee.

9.30am: We all meet at the front of the hotel to load the van with supplies and start the days cycling. Pete has organised the trip and his Dad Andrew drives the van. Patiently driving behind the group all day, up and over the mountains. Most days this is what i pack to put in the van:

  • A few snacks from the breakfast buffet: Bananas, biscuits, ham and cheese sandwiches.
  • A few OTE products: 2 Duo bars (1x Chocolate and 1x vanilla) 2 Energy sachets (1x orange, 1x Black current) 

On my bike I carry 2 water bottles: 1 bottle filled with water mixed with OTE energy powder and 1 straight water.
In my cycle jersey i place 1 banana and 1 OTE Duo Bar.

11.30am: We would generally stop at a cafe after a few hours of riding, we all put 20Euros into the coffee fund at the start of the week and this lasted the 5 days of riding, that included a lot of coffees and cokes.

Most days we cycle between 120km- 150km and stop several times, either at a cafe out in a small mountain village or stop on the road side and eat and drink the supplies from the van.

5pm: We would generally get back to the Hotel after 5hours of riding, having been out for 6-7hours, when in Spain, it’s nice to relax and chill at the cafes and on the side of the road in between big climbs.

5.30pm: Today I head out for a run, I only run 3 days a week, so i decide to get it done quite promptly after riding so once done I can really relax with nothing else to do. I change from cycle gear to run gear. Eat half a banana and have a few gulps of OTE energy drink then hit the sea front for a 45minute run.

6.15pm: Training is done for the day, I mix OTE protein powder (chocolate flavour) with water and drink it as soon as i finish my run. I have done 6 hours 15minutes of training today so recovery starts now. After the protein shake, I lie in a hot bath for 15minutes, to help my legs recovery. I shower then while my legs are still nice and warm from the bath, stretch, use the foam roller and go through the mobility exercises I have been working on with Sarah J Pitts at the Movement Therapy Centre in Leeds. It takes about 30minutes, with the Music channel on the TV its a painless process and it’s nice not having any work or everyday chores to worry about.

7pm: Dinner in the hotel, again an all you can eat buffet. Good job as i am starving, 6hours+ of training works up a good appetite. The buffet has a big range of food to choose from, my plate often looked like this: Lots of salad from the salad and vegetables with fish and pork. This was plate one of two or three! Cycling up mountains builds a good appetite!

My desert bowl would consist of fruit such as melon and pineapple with a few scoops of ice cream.
Needless to say, evening meals would last a fair few hours.

9.30pm: Having enjoyed the all you can eat buffet and relived the days cycle adventures with the guys, we head to the hotel bar for a drink, a beer, glass of wine or cup of tea, depending on how tired the body feels.

10.30pm: off to bed, as more mountains await.

Thanks for the great insight Suzie, you are one tough woman!! 

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