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Fuelling a Day’s Training in Gran Canaria with Suzie Richards

I have just returned from our annual sunny cycling pilgrimage. For the last 3 years, I have been involved in a week long training trip with Peter Barusevicus and his Arrivee Travels company. In 2014 and 2015 we travelled to Calpe in Spain, this year we headed further south to Gran Canaria to enjoy a week of mountainous, sunny miles on the bike.

Here is an example of a typical day and how I fuelled it:

Breakfast: 7.45am

We were staying in Hotel Risol, Peuto Rico in the South of Gran Canaria and were half board. Enjoying an all you can eat buffet and dinner each evening was a real treat and helped start and end the day well fuelled for the mountainous miles. 

Cheese and omelette on toast with pancakes, ham, tomatoes and boiled eggs. Washed down with water, a cup of tea and a fresh orange.

Setting off on the bike- 9am 

In my back pockets I would carry a banana, a Duobar and an Anytime OTE flapjack. I would have a 750ml water bottle on the bike, with OTE Energy Drink in.

Café stop- Midday

After a few hours riding we would generally find a café for a coffee. Pretty different to huddling by the radiator in a Yorkshire dales café! OTE had supplied Arrivee travel with a great supply of nutrition for the week so DuoBars were a firm favourite with a café con leches.

During the days riding we would often stop to refill our bottles and take some food from the van that was supporting us for the week. I would add an OTE Energy Sachet to my water bottle as we were generally were out riding for around 5 hours, with a lot of climbing involved. Each day was pretty warm, 28 degrees at midday and I would get through 3-4 750ml water bottles.

This was day 4 of riding where we covered 132km in 5 ½ hours with 3290meters of vertical ascent

To keep energy up, we would often stop before the final 30km-40kms of riding. Each day varied depending on the route, a small café was the norm but this bakery was a great find. Cake/ sandwiches and a coffee for all 10, for 20 euros. Bargain.

Back at the hotel, I would recover with an OTE Whey Chocolate Protein Drink, a cup of tea (Spanish style in a glass as they do not believe in builders mugs) and some orange.

I was on a cycling training week with 7 cyclists but I got in a bit of swimming and running too. As the sun was setting I would take advantage of the hotel pool, glad I had my wetsuit as it wasn’t heated. Meant I had it all to myself each day.

Dinner. 7pm- A feast on the hotel buffet

Lots of veg, salad and meat was the order of the day. They changed the theme each night, tonight was British night, hence the Brussel sprouts!
A fantastic week of sunny mountain cycling with some swimming and running thrown in too. If you can get away from the British winter weather for a week’s training, it is well worth it.

 Thanks again to Suzie for another insight into the training life of a triathlete. Check out more blogs from her here.

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