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Looking for ways to change your diet to lower your calorie intake? We have a few easy swaps that should help.

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For those on a moderate to high carbohydrate diet who are need of that big hit of protein, then chicken breast or even leaner turkey breast (which is often cheaper too) is the way to go.  However it must be said a portion of red meat is by no means bad for you, quite the opposite as it is rich in Iron. But the fat content is high and therefore so is the calorie content, and for those wanting to lose some weight it is best to limit the portions of fatty red meat to around 2 a week. 

8oz Steak = Approx 550 kcal BUT 100g Turkey Breast = 189 kcal


 This applies for pasta dishes, curries or any other sauce based dish. The cream based sauces are full of calories and although it doesn’t seem like you are eating much of it, it can all contribute to intake of unnecessary calories. Further more due to the higher fat content the meals based around a creamy sauce are much slower to digest meaning they are a poor choice before exercise. You can pack out a homemade tomato sauce easily with most vegetables which adds to the fact it is the much healthier option.

Portion of ready made Carbonara Sauce= 208kcal BUT Portion of ready made Arrabiatta Sauce= 120kcal


This would be our number one food swap to enhance your diet. Sweet potatoes are not only lower in calories, lower in Glycemic Index (GI) and can often satisfy a sweet tooth as well, especially if roasted. Sweet Potatoes also pack a healthy punch of vitamins especially vitamin A and C, mostly due to their bright orange colour. Add to this their high antioxidant content and you can really see where Sweet Potatoes get their super food status from.

1 medium Potato = 168 kcal BUT 1 average Sweet Potato = 112 kcal


The crisp, the salty snack we as a nation love. But a packet of crisps a day really does help mount up the calories. Why not try trading your usual bag of crisps for a lighter option. You can now get individual bags of lightly salted popcorn for a fraction of the calories of crisps. You still get that salty kick, which especially good if you have exercised and need to replenish the salt you lost through sweat and they still taste pretty good.

Individual Packet of Crisps =  150 kcal BUT  Individual Packet of Popcorn= 88 kcal


We would also suggest where possible opting for wholemeal variety of foods such as breads, rice and pasta. You can read more about the importance of Whole grains here

Any more swaps you can think of? Please feel free to comment below.

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