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How do you Survive the Winter? With Good Food: The Suzie Richards way.

2016 has started off pretty wet and cold if you are in Britain, and especially in the North. They say there is nothing bad about the weather, just bad clothing. I think another phrase is needed too. You can survive bad weather, if you have great food to come home to. I find there is one similarity between long rides in the summer and in the winter. In the final miles, I start dreaming about the food I am going to eat once I am home. The food I dream about varies depending on the seasons. Winter, is all about warm, comforting foods. Summer is more about thirst quenching ones. Over the last few seasons we have been experimenting with food in our house and we have two winning combinations that keep us happy post winter ride.

Soups and Stews

Soup is dead easy to make. choose your veg, chop, throw in a pan with water, a stock cube, garlic, spices of your choice.

We try and keep a big bowl of soup on the go constantly. Making a new one every few days.We believe in bulk. No small sauce pans for us, we cook up a soup in a big pan, providing 8-10 bowls worth of nutritious warmth. It is perfect to heat up, post cold wet rides and great to have as a snack.

Here are a few of our favourites (quantities vary depending on how much soup you are making, just guess if unsure, you can’t go wrong with too much veg! If too thick, add more water, if too watery, add more veg)

Mushroom soup: Put chunk of butter into pan on the hob, let it melt, add chopped leeks, onion, celery and mushrooms. Pour over water with a veg stock cube. simmer away. Once everything is soft, blend.

 Sweet Potato, Carrot & Parsnip Soup: The sweet potato and parsnips makes this is a really creamy, comforting soup. Heat olive oil in pan, fry onions and garlic, chop all the veg and add to the pan along with water, stock cubes and sun-dried tomatoes (we buy a 1kg bag from the heath food shop and it lasts about 6 months so there is always some to hand).

Leave to simmer until soft, then blend. Curry powder can be added and goes well in this soup. It is worth experimenting with different spices and herbs.


Stews are basically like soup but with out the blending and without adding water. Big pan, big quantities of veg, spices, herbs, stock cube, sun-dried tomatoes and you can add any meat you fancy. We generally use tomato passata and add herbs and spices to create the sauce but you can do without using stock cubes, grated ginger and herbs.

Big pots of Soups ad Stews are keeping me going at the end of a long ride, when I am cold, wet and hungry.Knowing it’s ready and just needs heating up, helps me up the final hill home.

Enjoy your winter training and ​​have fun eating that healthy warm food post rides.


More recipes can be found on under food glorious food!

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