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How OTE help fuel Ian Fields Training Camp

For my final Cyclo-cross season preparation I have travelled to Girona, Spain. The camp is far enough out from the racing to put in a real big work load yet close enough to really begin focusing on specific ‘Cross workouts. This means the overall training load is one of the biggest at any point in the year for me. During this time there are a number of key area influencing my performance and recovery, the main one for me being nutrition. Get nutrition wrong and it can lead to all sorts of problems not only on the camp but afterwards, this can then snowball into bigger problems and really affect your upcoming race season.

Fuelling each individual workout correctly so you get the most out of it is obviously a main focus, this is where I really make the most of some of the OTE Sports products.

On a number of days I ride to the gym, perform a strength based workout then it’s straight out onto the bike for a few more hours of intervals. The convenience of the protein bar is great, it means straight after the gym I can get a 22g hit of protein when my body needs it. Not having to make up a shake and carry it around with me, or wait until after both sessions for my first bit of protein.

On the bike the temperature has been getting up to 33-34 degrees celsius, so pretty damn hot. This can make eating tricky as more often than not you don’t feel that hungry. The other area you have to be aware of is drinking the correct amount. Too much water and you can end up flushing out your system of the important salts, while not drinking enough can lead to dehydration and again a loss of performance. This is where the OTE energy gels have been really useful, not only do they contain carbohydrates and therefore energy which is easy on the stomach but they also provide electrolytes (those salts). Two birds, one stone springs to mind. Of course I don’t do the entire training time on gels so the Duo Bars provide the majority of carbs needed out on the bike when performing my high intensity workouts.

Filling water bottles up along the way from the many outside taps is important even if it’s just to get cold water in your bottle rather than the warm stuff you end up with after a couple of hours riding. I normally have one bottle dedicated to just plain water and the other I use the OTE Hydro tabs in. A small tube of them in my pocket means I can refill with electrolytes along the way.

After training I have been using the new Super Protein product which I am finding really works well. I couple this with normally a high carb meal after training which means immediate recovery is totally taken care of easily within the 30 minute window which is so important. The advantage of the products mentioned is the quick and easy use of them, meaning when I am tired after 5hrs of training in the heat, it isn’t a chore to worry about my recovery.

The final product I have been using on the camp is the Fish Oils before bed. I have always used them and like the product as 1) I am not that keen on eating lots of oily fish and 2) the research behind the product is very positive for recovery and general health. With the stress a training camp can put your body through, all the little steps to stay healthy become so important.

I am sure my training and whole day would be a hell of a lot harder without the OTE products, I would have to be so much more organised and waste precious energy on food prep that somewhere along the way something would have to give. I have 4 more days of hard training on my schedule and I am looking forward to reaping the rewards of working hard come the Cross season.

Wish me luck


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