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Juggling Work and Training: How to Fuel your Day

Many of us dream of being a full time athlete, but the reality is we have to juggle making a living and our training. All of us at OTE Sports do this, many of us having to stay on top of our training programmes so we can still compete in our chosen disciplines. Juggling the two is no easy fete, it can be at times both mentally and physically tiring. But definitely worth it!

Nutrition is something you can control and allow yourself to get to your training session with the correct energy levels to get the most out of the session. Arriving at your evening training session lethargic won’t help make the most of the little time you have. Our Nutritionist Annie goes through a day in her life, to show how she would fuel a day at work and then an evening training session.

7:30am Breakfast

  • Large bowl of cereal covered in greek yogurt
  • Large black coffee
  • Small glass of fresh orange juice
  • 2 OTE Health & Immune Capsules

I always make time for breakfast. It makes work a lot more bearable having energy to fuel the brain. Plus I am laying the foundations for my training session later on. Also because I am in a heavy phase of “

10:30am- Mid Morning Snack

  • 2 x Cream Cheese on Oatcakes

This is just a quick snack, mainly to stop to tummy rumbling in the office and keep me going until lunchtime”

12:30am Lunch

  • Roast Chicken Baguette
  • Smoothie
  • Raw fruit and nut bar (Recipe to make your own here)
  • Packet of Snack-a-jacks

“This can very much depend what you have available to you. It can sometimes be a much cheaper and healthier option to bring your own packed lunch. This is often a case of being organised and maybe making it the night before.”


4:30pm Afternoon Snack

  • OTE Anytime Bar
  • 500ml Bottle with a OTE Hydro Tab

“This snack is a chance to top up your carbohydrate stores ready for the tough evening training session. I always try to have a snack just before i head home. I often sip on OTE Hydro Tabs during work, as the electrolyte content aids rehydration better than water alone, meaning i will get to the start of my session fully hydrated and it won’t be a factor that affects my performance”

5:00pm Leave work

6:00pm Home from work

  • A strong black coffee

After the drive home i often feel a bit tired so a quick strong coffee 30 minutes before should mean i get to the start of the chaingang a bit more alert and should help lower my levels of perceived exertion.”

6:30pm Chaingang 

“No time to eat during this, it is fast and furious so that is why i had to make sure my energy levels were topped up before.”

8:15pm Home from Chaingang

  • OTE Whey Recovery Protein Drink

“I get this drunk straight away, making sure i hit that window of opportunity to kick start my recovery. I know that Thrusdays are usually the first day of a big block of training over the weekend for me, so making sure i optimise recovery is essential.”

8:45pm Evening Meal

  • Homemade Spaghettti Bolognese
  • Green Salad
  • Yogurt
  • Pint of blackcurrent cordial

“This is the meal you need to be most organised for. I do a lot of batch cooking which i can the freeze for situations where i have no time to cook from scratch. This way i know that after training i can get a good homemade meal in which is continuing my recovery and setting me up again for more training the next day.”

10:30pm Bed

So there you have it, the main message being, make sure you put the energy in to train hard and recover properly. Remember that nutrition is different for everyone (and men will need to eat more than this) so this may not be 100% right for you but it gives a good idea how to structure your day. Happy training people!

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