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Meet OTE Fuelled Taekwon-Do star: Samantha Taylor

Did you know that certain products in our range are suitable for Vegans?

Yes that’s right.

Our Energy Drinks, Energy Gels & Hydro Tabs are naturally flavoured and vegan friendly.

And that is why plant-based Taekwon-Do star Samantha Taylor is an OTE Fuelled athlete! She is currently ranked No. 1 nationally, No. 2 in Europe and No. 3 in the World in her sparring divisions. Samantha love’s all sport, nature, animals, gluten free vegan food, punching and kicking people and then writing it about it all on her fantastic blog. Well worth checking out in our opinion.

Now the vegan diet isn’t for everyone but we were really interested to ask Samantha why she chose this diet to complement her sport.

“I changed to a PlantBased diet in April 2014, when I was still doing Mixed Martial Arts, after being inspired by my friend and now wholistic & nutritional therapist Sylvia Sobota. The diet and lifestyle changes enabled me to train a lot harder, recover faster and just feel better. I was also able to do all this while cutting weight a lot easier too. We tailor my nutrition around each big competition and what we need to do weight wise. It’s requires dedication, organisation and a lot of Tupperware to keep up with the meal prep, but the outcomes have been amazing so far. I plan to continue my tenacious approach to reach my goal of being European and World Champion.”

For such intense, physical exercise, the use of OTE Sports products can be extremely beneficial to martial arts athlete. Being able to use energy drinks and energy gels to replenish energy stores after the pre event weigh in is essential to being able to perform at a high intensity. Also hydro tabs can be used to help rehydrate before and between each fight.

We are really looking forward to following Samantha’s progress this year.

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