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Nutrition to Slay the Slateman Tri by Suzie Richards

My first Triathlon of the 2015 season was The Slateman Triathlon, in Llanberis North Wales. I was returning to try and retain my title I had won in 2014.

What is the Slateman Triathon? 1km lake swim in Llyn Pardan, the mountain lake followed by a 50km cycle that takes in 2312ft of ascent and finally finishing with an 11km trail run including 1192ft of ascent up and down the Slatemine quarries. This year the swim was shortened to 500m due to the 11degree temperatures. I managed to retain my title and cross the finish line in 2 hours 36 minutes. I was minute quicker on the bike course than last year and 30 seconds quicker on the timed zig zag climb on the run course. A great start to the 2015 season (You can read Suzie’s Race Report on her blog).

So how did I fuel this welsh adventure?

The day before: 

I ate plenty! My main goal is to stay as hydrated as possible and consume as many quality carbs as possible. At 49kg in weight, I don’t need an excessive amount but I wanted to make sure my glycogen stores were topped up.
Pre breakfast: 25minute run, 10minutes steady 5 x 30second race pace/30seconds easy, 10minutes easy.

  • Pint of water with an OTE hydro tab added to help top up electrolytes
  • Cup of tea
  • Big bowl of porridge with banana and nuts

I was staying with friends who live right by the course, so we walked down to register, here I did an interview with DeamTV who were filming the event and got my race numbers sorted.

Swim recce: Myself and Stel, my lovely host who was also racing, had a 20minute swim in the lake to get acclimatised to the temperature.

Lunch: Sandwiches, banana, oranges and cake were had back in the house as we warmed up from the swim. Taking on plenty of water. What type of Cake I hear you ask? Well I had made banana and chocolate chip cakes as a thank you for hosting me gift, which I then probably ate more of than anyone!

This was a 10person affair as it was Stel’s daughter Madi’s Birthday and my mum came over and joined Stel, Madi and their family and friends. We feasted on vegetables, salads, quiche, potato dishes, garlic bread. There were too many dishes to name. Stel is a great cook, she and her family are vegetarian but you never miss meat when they cook. We had a variety of cakes for desert alongside my Tapioca pudding that I had made. This was a recommendation from my Coach, Louise Barron, who had been hearing great things about the high carb content of Tapioca.

Race day
My 6am Breakfast consisted of Porridge, with banana and honey, 2 crumpets with honey. To hydrate I had a cup of Tea and glass of water with an OTE Hydro tab
The race started at 9.40, so I wanted a good sized breakfast a few hours before.

Between breakfast and race start I sip on water and OTE energy drink (powder mix with water), 15minutes before the race start I had an OTE energy gel (caffeine pineapple flavour)

During the race: I had one 750ml bottle filled with OTE energy drink (orange flavour) and 2 OTE gels, 1st I took early on in the bike and the 2nd, a caffeine gel I took 20minutes before finishing the bike to prepare me for the run.

Post race: I had made up an OTE Soya protein recovery drink, strawberry flavour that I took straight away. I find it really hard to eat and drink initially after a race, as my body often feels like it completely shuts down. So I forced this down. Always Aim High events had put on a VIP area where we were treated to rolls, cake, tea, biscuit and fruit by top host Sam. I think my mum enjoyed this more than me as my body felt horrific having being pushed to the limit in the mountains.

Several hours later-I managed to have a sandwich and a pork pie. I love pork pies!

Evening: I had a dinner of chicken in a tomato sauce with peppers, mushrooms and rice with several pints of water.

That is how I fuelled Slaying the Slateman!!

Find out more about Suzie in her athlete bio here. You can also read about how Suzie trained for the event here.

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