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OTE-Fuelled Athlete Bio: Jess Learmonth

We would like to introduce to you one of our OTE Fuelled Athletes for 2016, the lovely Jess Learmonth!

Name: Jess Learmonth

Location: Leeds

Favourite discipline: Cycling- but with good company.

Favourite training session: I would usually say Chain gang, but recently I’ve started doing some track sessions and I really enjoy them.

When I am not training I am: Spending time with Jon my partner, cooking/ baking and making him eat it all. I’m a feeder!

Sporting Background: I have come from a swimming background, I then dabbled in a bit of football before taking up triathlon a few years ago.

Race Goals for 2016

  • Senior European Championships
  • ITU World Series Races

Stand out Results

  • 11th Geneva European Champs 2015

Favourite OTE product: Mint Chocolate Protein Bar! It’s a nice treat after a hard session.

When I am away racing I can’t live without: Whatsapp!

Favourite pre training/ pre race meal: Pre training can be anything, I eat a lot of scrambled eggs/tuna/avocado on English muffins for lunch between sessions. Pre race, always pizza and a cheeky pud.

Guilty pleasure: Cheesecake, love of bit cheesecake!!


Jess regularly pops into the OTE Bunker for a catch up and a cake drop (yes, she bakes for us too!). She has also been using our Performance Centre facilities for pre season preparation, in particular upping the temperature in the altitude chamber to help acclimatisation for her first race in Portugal. We wish Jess the best of luck for the season and look forward to being a small part of it.

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