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Quick Fire Questions with Scott Thwaites

We would like to introduce you to OTE supported rider Scott Thwaites

 Scott got into cycling at the age of 12 when he was initaially introduced to triathlon. Now 12 years later at the age of 24, Scott can boast an impressive set of results for someone who still has a long career ahead of him. He started by racing off-road, and was particularly dominant as a youth and junior at Cyclo-Cross. Scott continued his off-road success by becoming the Under 23 National Mountain Bike Champion in 2009. From there though his attention switched to road racing. By 2011 Scott was clocking up impressive wins as an Under 23 and taking the British domestic scene by storm; proving he could turn his talent to both road and criterium racing. Once again he added more stripy jerseys to his collection by winning the National Under 23 road race Championships and the Elite National Circuit Race Championships. Scott’s talent had been noticed, and soon he found himself racing on the international stage. He currently rides as a professional for Net-App Endura, and with them he has achieved some impressive results to date. Most notably this year Scott came 2nd in Ronde van Drenthe and a won a Bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (See highlight of Scott’s fantastic results here). We are very proud to have such a talented rider using our products.

 Scott Thwaites

 We caught up with Scott to ask him our top 5 quick questions:

1. What is your favourite OTE product and why?

I would say the Caffeine Gel – It is one of the only gels that I have used that sits well with my stomach. It provides a good amount of energy and a little boost with the natural caffeine (Find out more about using caffeine here)


2.  What would your pre-race meal be? How long before?

I usually eat 3hrs before a competition. A typical breakfast would be porridge with honey and a mix of seeds, nuts, raisins, etc. I also usually have scrambled eggs with either toast or rice. I use green tea in the mornings rather than coffee because of the anti-oxidants and I also find it has a less aggressive caffeine spike.


3. In a race, what’s your fuelling strategy? Gels or Bars?

Early on in the race I tend to eat normal food such as bananas, small cakes. I then move on to bars in the middle of the race and use the gels in the latter stages.


4.  What is your favourite training camp destination?

 I enjoy going to Mallorca because there is a great variety of roads to train on. It is also a cycling friendly island and has many nice towns and villages to stay in, particularly around the north east of the island.


5. What’s your favourite café for a café stop and what would you have from their menu?

 I usually stop at the Cavendish Pavilion in Bolton Abbey because there is plenty of space to sit and it is a common meeting point for cyclists in my area. I usually grab a black coffee and a toasted teacake.

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