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Top Tips to Satisfy that Sweet Tooth

Are you one of those people who is never really truly satisfied after a meal unless you have had something sweet? It is actually pretty common, but can often leads to us reaching for the biscuit or cake tin and rather over indulging. Don’t get us wrong this is perfectly acceptable every once in a while, but if it is everyday, you may start so see some weight gains.

We have come up with some quick & easy ways to satisfy that sweet tooth without the over indulgence.

1. Strawberries & Natural Yogurt.

Fruits are like natures sweets and can be a great satisfier of the sweet tooth. With this comes the added bonus of getting one of your five a day and a hit of vitamins and minereal! Strawberries are our nation’s favourite, and instead of the usual accompaniment of cream, a few spoonfuls of natural yogurt wok just as well. Why not finish off with a grating of dark chocolate and you have yourself a perfect pudding for just over 100kcal.

2. Pancake or Wrap with Nut Butter

The humble homemade pancake is a perfectly healthy snack, it is what we top it with that is the problem. Lashings of syrup and sugar will give  huge blood sugar highs, and with that comes the lows.  Because of this you will find yourself munching through an alamring number of these things before you feel truly satisfied.

Nut butters are high in protein, healthy fats and are very delicious! A thin layer on a homemade pancake, or even a flour tortilla (if the idea of making your own pancakes is a bit onerous) is a great high carbohydrate snack, with a sweet kick. This is particularly good when in heavy training period and you need to get those carbohydrates in.

3. Banana Ice Cream

This is so simple but effective, especially if you are a bit of an ice cream addict. For one person, take a large banana and chop in to chunks and place in the freezer for at least an hour, longer is better. Once nice and frozen, just blitz in a food processor with 3 tablespoons of milk. Drizzle with a little bit of maple syrup and there you have it, a delicious & healthy dessert that again ticks off one of your five a day.

4. Hot Chocolate or Chocolate Milk.
Quick and easy but o so satisfying, and much better for you than having a bar of chocolate. Making a hot chocolate with milk or simply just having a glass of cold chocolate milk can easily satisfy that sweet tooth whilst also providing a great hit of protein. In fact having one of these before bed can actually help you continue the recovery process overnight. This could be a good addition to your day to day nutrition, especially during periods of intense training.

5. Bake your own!
If you fancy doing a bit of easy baking we have number of really simple recipes for you to try. Just head to our recipe page and pick whatever takes your fancy. One of our personal favourites is the Chickpea Blondies, well worth a try!

Our last top tip: The Jaffa Cake. 45kcal and 1g of fat. A couple of those is all you need, but remember….not the whole box!

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